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Visa to Denmark

All visa applicants must present themselves at a VFS Centre. For further info please consult their webpage 

Email address of :

General information can be found below:


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Place to apply for visa

If your main destination cannot be ascertained, the Schengen State through which you first enter the territory of these countries is responsible for receiving your application.

Schengen-visas are issued by:  Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Type of visa and validity

You can apply for a visa for a short stay of 1 to 90 days valid for all Schengen countries. A normal Schengen visa is not valid for the Faroe Islands or Greenland. If you are travelling to these destinations you will need to have a Schengen visa issued by a Danish mission with the wording in the comments section on the visa: "Valid for the Faroe Islands" or "Valid for Greenland".

You can apply for 1, 2 or multiple entries.

Processing time

For visa applications where the Embassy can make a decision, the expected processing time for business trips, tourism and family visits is 12- 15 days.

For visa applications where the Embassy cannot make a decision and the decision will be made by the Danish Immigration Service, the expected processing time for business trips, tourism and family visits is 12 - 15 days plus the processing time at the Danish Immigration Service in Copenhagen.
Please refer to the Danish Immigration Service homepage here.

The mentioned time processing assumes that the application in complete and no further documentation is needed from the applicant. If further documentation is needed, the processing time is prolonged.
Applications are processed as they are being received at the Embassy i.e. by date received.
Case processing time can in some cases take longer due to translations and dealing with local authorizes.
Extra processing time is added if applied at VFS in Jeddah or Al Khobar due to extra time needed in sending the application to Riyadh. It is advised to add at least 1 week.


Application forms must be filled in using BLOCK LETTERS and are free of charge. Please see "Visa Application Form".

You must present yourself at VFS, when handing in the application and you must also present the documents mentioned under "Visa Requirements".

Preapproved company registration for Danish companies is possible if certain conditions are met.

Visa requirements

Harmonised List of Supporting Documents for Visa Applications

In order to apply for a Schengen visa, the applicant needs to provide the documents enumerated in this list. In individual cases, additional documents may be requested. Presentation of the documents does not automatically lead to the issuance of a visa and possession of a visa does not confer an automatic right of entry. The ultimate decision regarding admission to the Schengen territory lies with the Border Authorities upon arrival.
List of documents to be provided


Applicant’s fingerprints and photo

Applicants need to appear in person at VFS when applying for a Schengen visa because of the introduction of a biometric data collection system. With this system, the applicant’s fingerprints and photograph will be taken when a person applies for a visa.
Before the recording of the photo, applicants may be asked to remove glasses or adjust head coverings, if these hide the person’s facial features.
Certain categories of applicants are exempt from the requirement to give fingerprints, including:
- Children under the age of 12
- Persons for whom fingerprinting is physically impossible
- Heads of State and members of national governments, and the official members of these delegations, when they are invited for official purpose.
The introduction of biometric data is part of the Schengen Visa Information System (VIS).

For more information about VIS, fingerprints, data protection and legal background, please see following links:
Visa Information System (VIS) factsheet 1
Visa Information System (VIS) factsheet 2


Documents to be provided by all visa applicants:

1. Visa Application Form correctly filled in English and signed.

2. One recent passport-sized photograph with a white background , not stapled. Full face; no head or face cover(s) that prevent(s) full visibility of the facial features.

3. Original passport valid for further three months period after the intended departure from the territory of the Schengen States and 1 copy of all relevant passport pages (data page, pages containing previous Schengen visas). It shall contain at least two blank pages and have been issued within the previous 10 years.

4. Proof of travel medical insurance covering the entire period of intended stay, valid for all Schengen States and covering any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention, emergency hospital treatment or death during stay. The minimum coverage must be 30.000 Euros. Original and 1 copy thereof. For further details please refer to the Travel Medical Insurance Information document published by the Embassies of the Schengen Member States in Saudi Arabia.

5. Copy of flight ticket or flight reservation including return flight.

6. Verifiable evidence of sufficient means of subsistence during intended stay such as a credit card valid throughout the intended stay.

7. For minors travelling without their parents/legal guardian: original authorisation signed by their parents/legal guardian and copy of passport(s) of parents/legal guardian.


Additionally, for Non-Saudi Nationals:

8. Iqama and 1 copy thereof.

9. Saudi Arabian re-entry visa valid beyond the intended date of departure from the territory of the Schengen States and 1 copy thereof.

10. Bank statements for the past six months or other verifiable evidence of sufficient means of subsistence during intended stay.

11. Original letter from sponsor in Saudi Arabia, stating employment status, position, length of contract and salary, stamped by the Chamber of Commerce. Self-sponsored: valid original trade licence and 1 copy thereof with translation

A. Visa for Business Travel
12. Invitation letter from a company or an authority to attend a meeting, conference or event or other documents which show the existence of trade relations or relations for work purposes (e.g. confirmed registrations for trade fairs or congresses), including a proof of accommodation during the intended stay.

B. Visa for Tourism or for Private Visits
13. For tourism: Proof of accommodation during intended stay: hotel reservation or copy of a rental contract or proof of residential property.

14. For private visits: Original invitation letter signed by the host covering the intended stay.

C. Visa for Medical Treatment
15. A document issued by the medical institution in the Schengen Member State confirming that the applicant will receive medical care in that institution.

16. Pre-payment or other proof of sufficient financial means to cover the medical treatment and related expenses, such as insurance coverage.

D. Visa for Study or Training
17. Certificate of enrolment at an educational establishment in the Schengen Member State for the purposes of attending vocational or theoretical courses within the framework of basic and further training or student cards or certificates of the courses to be attended.

E. Diplomatic and other Official Government Missions
18. Verbal Note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


For Non-Saudi Nationals:

19. Verbal Note from their Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Diplomatic Mission in Saudi Arabia.

F. Airport Transit Visa
20. Valid visa for the country of next or final destination.

21. Proof of the intention of carrying out the onward journey: copy of continuation ticket or reservation.

Please note, that additional proofs and documents may be required in some cases.

Visa application form

Please click here to open the visa application form

Please click here to open the invitation form for business visa applications

Please click here to open the invitation form for private visit visa applications

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For information about the EU Schengen Visa and how to apply, please find the leaflet below. Click on your language of choice.