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Sectors in focus

At   you will find all The Trade Council's publications in one place.

The site contains all the Trade Council's reports, studies, magazines, newsletters and lists of subsidiary companies, making it easy to search for information about the market or sector that is relevant to you. It is possible to search by sectors across countries, and you get a clear overview of the market reports that the Trade Council prepares and continuously updates.

At you can also download the Trade Council's magazines and newsletters, and access to analyses of Danish foreign trade and global economic development - all for free.

Information and analyzes of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen can be found here.

The following sectors are covered:

  • Aquaculture
  • Architecture, Building and Construction
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Health

Recent growth areas

There are a variety of exciting growth areas in Saudi Arabia, where Danish companies have good opportunities to create business. Besides the descriped growth areas there are also great opportunities in the following sectors:        

  • Construction Industry
  • Danish design (furniture, handcrafts and clothes)
  • IT

In addition, there are multiple areas of interest, which can also be utilized.