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The Trade Council creates value, growth and knowledge for Denmark through global consulting services and partnerships.

Trade Council Riyadh

Trade Council Riyadh is Denmark’s creative sales and marketing department – not only in Saudi Arabia but also in Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and Kuwait.

Trade Council Riyadh at the Embassy of Denmark in Saudi Arabia is part of the Trade Council which is Denmark’s governmental organization for promoting export and investments around the world. The Trade Council in Saudi Arabia assist Danish companies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen and Oman. We assist with market analyses, search of partners and combined export promotion, additionally we offer assistance for arranging meetings, events and participation at fairs and forums. 

Trade Council Riyadh consist of commercial advisors who all hold an export relevant education and have experience within the field. Therefore, we offer Danish companies a professional partner who can add value to the company’s expansion in the new markets.

Saudi Arabia can be a challenging market to operate in, if you do not have the right contacts. The Trade Council in Saudi Arabia has a strong network of influential people who are decision makers both within the private and public sector. We speak Arabic and understand the way of thinking and doing business in the region.

We will contract a close and confidential collaboration with your company which can be kept anonymous in the preliminary phase due to competitive advantage. We will focus on adding value to your business and do not accept projects which do not bring your company closer to your goal.

You are more than welcome to contact us for more information and guidance about how we can assist your company. 


If interested in further information, contact Trade Council Riyadh on:

Tel:  +966 11 488 0101

[email protected]