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Fees for consular services

Payment of fees - How much does it cost to get help?

Below you will find an overview of fee rates for citizen services that the Embassy offers. The prices are valid from 5 January 2022. 


List of consular fees 2023.


For some services the fee is based on the amount of hours spent and for others the fee is fixed. Please pay the fee for the desired service to the Embassy's bank account (see below) prior to your booked appointment. Please note that the Embassy does not accept payment by cash or credit card. 


Our Saudi bank account information


Account number: 896-040649-001

Bank name: The Saudi British Bank 

Currency: SAR 

Location: Saudi Arabia


IBAN: SA2545000000896040649001

Account type: Current account



As it is a central account, it is IMPORTANT that the transfer is made with the following information (Payment ID): 

  • Short text to describe the service (e.g. passport, legalization, etc.)
  • Surname of the person to whom the transfer relates
  • Date of birth 

Example: Passport, Olsen, 29.01.1991